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A chronology of islamic Europe: Iberian peninsula and South – Western Europe

A brief introductory note AL-ANDALUS  (Spanish: Al-Andalus; Portuguese: Al-Andalus; Catalan: Al-Andalus), also known as Moorish Iberia, denotes the European Muslim state on the whole territory of the Iberian Peninsula, including present day Spain and Portugal as well as parts of southern France, northern Italy, and southern Switzerland which existed in varying

Yearbook of Muslims in Europe

• October 2009 • ISBN 978 90 04 17505 1 • List price EUR 129.- / US$ 189. • Yearbook of Muslims in Europe, 1 The presence of Muslims in Europe has attracted increasing attention over the last two, three decades. Researchers started devoting attention to the subject during the mid- and late 1980s.