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Palestine is the Teacher of Life

Građani Izraela palestinske nacionalnosti čine 20 posto ukupnog stanovništva [AFP]

Palestine is the most powerful country in the world. Palestine is stronger than both the East that betrayed it and the West that attacks and demolishes it. There is a University in Palestine that teaches people how to be the Strongest, how to be Brave and Patient. At this University, there are no teachers, no infrastructure; the Knowledge is given to the Heart and Mind. They are ummijjun (illiterate), but with supernatural human qualities and Knowledge that cannot be attained or comprehended by the man from the East – the traitor, or the man from the West. Palestine has been bleeding for 67 years. That is the fact that we seem to have got used to long time ago.

Palestine has the fate of Musa (peace be upon him). It is indestructible. Just like the pharaoh had the opportunity, the power, the army, his victim Musa (pbuh) on his court, and a desire to kill him, but he couldn’t do it. Palestine has the fate of Ibrahim (pbuh) too, who was in fire, yet did not burn. Palestine has the fate of Isa (pbuh) as well. He was betrayed by a friend who wanted to humiliate him, yet Isa (pbuh) was elevated. So it is with Palestine. It is indestructible. It is alone in the jaws of all, defying each with the same Strength that was given to Musa (pbuh), the Courage of Ibrahim (pbuh) and the Dignity of Isa (pbuh). The injustice – zulum (oppression) is a weapon of mass destruction of those who produced it. That is why, throughout history, the injustice – zulum ate those who invented it and so it will be with all the tyrants all the way until the Judgment Day.

The Ottoman Empire is gone. The end of its successful reign was marked by the injustice that appeared in the Empire. We don’t know what was Sheikh Ilhamija supplicating while he was walking the path of death from Žepče to Travnik, but we do know that after he was unjustly murdered nothing was ever the same in the Bosnian Empire. And he wasn’t the only one to lose life in that way. Sayyid Qutb could supplicate too. We cannot ascertain which supplications did he use as he spent more than ten years of his life in the Egyptian prison and we do not know which supplication did he use in the days he was murdered. Whe know that he was murdered by Nasser’s authority, which is the same as Mubarak’s, and Mubarak’s is the same as el-Sisi’s, and all of them are the same as Assad’s and many others.

Many are the factors and reasons for the fall of Yugoslavia. Injustice is one of the biggest reasons. Injustice was done to honest and righteous people in every possible place. Many upright people were executed. They are mazlum (the oppressed). They supplicated, and supplications of mazlum are kabul (accepted). We don’t know what was Mustafa Busuladžić supplicating when he was unjustly murdered. We are certain that Mehmed-ef. Handžić could supplicate, but we don’t know what was he supplicating when he was murdered. Alija Izetbegović knew supplications as well. We can assume what his supplication may have been. He was praying to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala to defeat both Allah’s SWT own and his enemy.

We don’t know which supplications do Palestinians use. if their supplication is for Allah SWT to be against those who are allies to their enemies, then that is the reason enough for the whole East to fall before Palestine falls. That, then, is the cause of the downfall of the Arab world.

It is obvious that all these Hijrahs in the Arab world were needed. The opportunities were ripe. Zulum – injustice has lasted a long time already. These unjust authorities couldn’t be gone any other way. The light couldn’t shine through the walls of injustice, through the impurity of the regimes that ruled the Arab wolrd, until those walls were torn down. It is the West that built those regimes after the colonialism and it is the West that overthrew them.

We mustn’t forget the fact that Allah SWT is the Lord of the heavens and the earth and of all that is between them.  He is the Creator and the Ruler of everything. Nothing can happen without His knowledge. Nothing can slip out of control. He doesn’t allow the balance between the Heavens and the Earth to be disturbed.

Thus, Muslim brethren, we shall not fear for Islam. We shall not fear for the East. The land is fertile there. All the prophets and the greatest minds of humanity were born there. The Dunya life originated in the East. That is where all the sources of spirituality and scholarship are. Nowadays, everything in the East is torn down, only the Idea remains. And now, God willing, society and states will be built on this Idea. They will be built by both the East and the West, because salvation has always been in the East. If there is no East, Dunya will not exist either. Dunya will end with THE TRIUMPHANT EAST.

Arab revival is imminent. Just as in the time of the colonizers of the Arab world there came the Afghans, Muhammad Abduh, Hassan al-Banna, Muhammad Iqbal, Sayyid Qutb, Muhammad Asad, and renewed, reformed, the Islamic thought, so now there will appear, God willing, the new reformers of faith who will direct the Islamic thought in the Arab world. Let us not await the Judgment Day indulging in ill forebodings, let us await the new great minds who will build an equitable society that will renew itself from generation to generation.

We expect that the reasonable people, who carry the light of Islam in their chest, will influence the consciousness of their compatriots and build new societies and states in Tunis, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria. All those who fill the collective centres throughout the Western countries will return, God willing, to their states in a few years with the fresh ideas on how to run their states and a greater desire to follow their religion. We await the day when Arabs will walk out of the small jihad – the one where they fight using weapon, and walk into the great jihad – the one where they’ll fight their weaknesses, helping themselves with the first fard – knowledge, and hard work, following in the footsteps of their ancestors who wrote the history of mankind in gold letters. The success of the West is based on the detailed study of thought and actions of the great Arab minds in science, architecture, administration; thus it is no sin to take over from the West the results of following Muslim minds. This recovery will take time, however, let us not forget that the Arab world is countless times richer in resources than the West, and so, with God’s help and help of new people, the new TRIUMPHANT EAST will be built.

That is when Palestine will be free too. Palestinian misfortune is the result of Arab weakness and the Arab weakness is the result of the power of the Palestinian enemy. Palestine is the conscience of Ummah. Its misfortune gives all the energy required to wake the Arab world from its dream which, as President Alija Izetbegović said, has lasted for two centuries.

Autor: imam Sanel Hodžić, Tuzla, BiH

Preporod, 1. 2. 2016.  

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