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Autor: dr Fikret Karčić

What is “Islamic Tradition of Bosniaks”


Recently more intensively in the public discourse on Islam we witness the introduction of certain terms marking the name of this universal religion with adjectives of geographic and cultural character, like “Indonesian Islam”, “Turkish Islam”, “European Islam” or as in our case “Bosnian Islam”. This has been a consequence of the terminology transfer from Western religious studies, where the difference is made between “official” or “normative” religion, found in religious textual sources and their general interpretation on one side, and “folk religion” denoting interpretation and practice of a certain religion by its followers at a certain territory or within a certain group on the other.

Study of “folk religion” is commonly performed through cultural phenomena study methods, including ethnography, cultural anthropology, etc. Cultural anthropologists for example, are in the case of Islam interested in the “process of socialization and symbolization in which Islam is mirrored in the local setting“. “Folk religion” in this case is comprised of the name of the “normative” religion to which geographic and cultural adjectives are added…

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