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Mostar's hostel declared one of the best in the world

Hostel Majdas in Mostar has received a prestigious HOSCAR award for one of the world's best hostels in the world, according to Forbes. HOSCAR is an acronym for HOStelworld Customer Annual Ratings; the awards are meant to showcase excellence in affordable accommodations for travelers, much like the Oscars do in the film world

Does the ‘Serbian Honour’ force have a Russian link?

On Friday, the Bosnian news website Zurnal published a story on the alleged existence of a paramilitary force called Srbski ponos, or Serbian Honour. The force, the website claimed, was being trained in a Russian centre in the Serbian city of Nis. Milorad Dodik, leader of a Bosnian Serb nationalist party and president of

A lecture given by Alija Izetbegovic at Oxford in 2001.

Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends: I was very honoured when I was invited by Dr Nizami to speak at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies. I was glad that this was to take place at such an important cultural centre as Oxford, and at such

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Genocide, Justice and Denial

A selection of articles from the blog Greater Surbiton has been published in book format by the Centre for Advanced Studies in Sarajevo, and can be downloaded in PDF format for free via its website. The following is the foreword to the book: The articles in this volume were published on my blog, Greater

What is “Islamic Tradition of Bosniaks”


Recently more intensively in the public discourse on Islam we witness the introduction of certain terms marking the name of this universal religion with adjectives of geographic and cultural character, like “Indonesian Islam”, “Turkish Islam”, “European Islam” or as in our case “Bosnian Islam”. This has been a consequence of

Bosnian Muslim scholars on governance and justice

Prof. dr Fikret Karcic, Faculty of Law, University of Sarajevo  In modern Islamic thought in Bosnia and Herzegovina, developed in post-Ottoman times,  there was no systematic treatment on issues such as governance and justice. Bosnian scholars of the Habsburg era (1878-1918) initiated debates about permissibility of Muslim stay in a non-Muslim

Images of the Ottomans in History Textbooks in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Foto: Selma Hašimbegović

To achieve that paper compares the ways in which the key issues in Ottoman history, such as the Kosovo battle and the Islamization process, are handled. In the end it is clear that there is a clear difference between those BH history textbooks that try to highlight the best from

Bosnia and Herzegovina – country profile

Bosnia-Herzegovina is recovering from a devastating three-year war which accompanied the break-up of Yugoslavia in the early 1990s. The 1992-1995 conflict centred on whether Bosnia should stay in the Yugoslav Federation, or whether it should become independent. It is now an independent state, but under international administration. Its three main ethnic groups