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Ramadan in Sudan

For Sudanese, Ramadan is by far the favorite month of the year, everyone waits for it with passion, preparations usually begin one month before Ramadan. preparations include cleaning homes, mosques, public spaces as well as streets and decorating them. Ramadan has its special cuisine of traditional foods and drinks, the most popular are (Abre) a local drink that is made of corn mixed with spices and some other ingredients, and porridge or (Asida) a local food that is made of sorghum flour. 

Iftar in Sudan is always done outside in the streets, in public spaces or in nearby mosques, approximately twenty minutes before Maghrib Ezan, each family in the neighborhood brings (Sufra) a big plate filled with different kind of foods such as fried foods, pastries, salads, soups -and of course Asida and Abre- to these public spaces, then men stand up and “cut the road”, cars and people passing by are stopped and invited to the Iftar, this tradition is unique for Sudan, it’s a form of social solidarity with the aim of providing Iftar to everyone.

By Abdelwahab Adam, master student of International and Public relations at the International University of Sarajevo

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