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Islamic architecture and art in Sarajevo: Orient on European soil

Urban development of Sarajevo city is easily followed and recognized from the Yellow Fortress, or the Old City (White Fortress). Gradually, from the White Fortress, over Vratnik, then Baščaršija, Skenderija, Marijin Dvor, Malta, Čengić Vila all the way to Alipašino polje significant footprints and legacies of all those states previously building

Experience Ramadan in Sarajevo

Each city has its own most attractive periods of time in terms of people visiting and events happening. For Sarajevo, Ramadan is the case. It represents one of the most attractive touristic motives of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital. In Sarajevo, like in any bigger city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ramadan is

A chronology of islamic Europe: Iberian peninsula and South – Western Europe

A brief introductory note AL-ANDALUS  (Spanish: Al-Andalus; Portuguese: Al-Andalus; Catalan: Al-Andalus), also known as Moorish Iberia, denotes the European Muslim state on the whole territory of the Iberian Peninsula, including present day Spain and Portugal as well as parts of southern France, northern Italy, and southern Switzerland which existed in varying

Ramadan in Sudan

For Sudanese, Ramadan is by far the favorite month of the year, everyone waits for it with passion, preparations usually begin one month before Ramadan. preparations include cleaning homes, mosques, public spaces as well as streets and decorating them. Ramadan has its special cuisine of traditional foods and drinks, the

CALL for APPLICATONS: CNS Summer School 2018

Podgorica & Sarajevo, 25 August – 1 September 2018 Call for Applications Center for Advanced Studies (Sarajevo) in cooperation with its partners is organizing 8th Summer School in Podgorica (Montenegro) and Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). The program is designed for BA and MA students. Lectures will cover mainly the following two topics: 1) Key

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Master in Islamic Studies: Islam in Europe

The Master’s program in Islamic Studies is conceived as a response to the need for training in Islamic Theology in the European educational area. The question of how to educate the different profiles of religious leaders in the Muslim communities (imams, chaplains, basic religious education teachers, etc.) has become increasingly